Should I sell or promote my business on Groupon marketplace?

Groupon - The Best Place On The Web For Coupons And Daily Deals

There is one fact that businesses can rely on – consumers LOVE deals and discounts. They love the feeling of making a purchase at lower than usual rates. They love feeling that they have saved some money and benefited from an awesome deal in the process. This is what coupon marketplace Groupon thrives upon - our deal hunting instincts and desire to get something for less.

This article and infographic look at what makes Groupon tick and why it is such a successful platform.

How Groupon Works:

Groupon is a form of ecommerce marketplace that specializes in coupon deals. Various different vendors offer Groupon discounts for their products and services and use the platform to gain business and custom. The deals offered are usually discounted from the standard retail price. Customers can then snap up these deals through Groupon.

In essence, Groupon is a business facilitator between merchants and customers. Groupon covers a wide range of different marketplaces including beauty and spas, restaurants, goods, getaways, health and fitness, automotive etc. We have listed some examples of what you can expect from each category below:

- Things to do: city attractions, concert tickets... - Beauty and spas: spa day passes, beauty treatments... - Restaurants: meal deals, cakes, tasting sessions... - Automotive: track days, car care, vehicle training... - Getaways: city breaks, hotel deals, camping...

As you can see, you can get some awesome deals on a great range of different products.

Why Is Groupon So Popular?

Groupon has gained great popularity for a number of reasons. Primarily, the discounted rates and deals are truly appealing. The types of products and services listed are fantastic gift ideas and many customers purchase Groupon products for friends or family birthdays. If you can’t think of a present idea or are short of a little cash, you can grab a bargain through Groupon with little to no effort. It’s the lazy present buyer’s dream come true!

Groupon is also popular due to its use of group mentality buying techniques. When viewing aGroupon deal, you can see how many other people have bought it already, and what ratings it has been given. This helps boost our confidence as we take comfort knowing that other people have enjoyed the Groupon deal and taken the time to provide an honest review. If you have physical products, you should definitely consider using Groupon marketplace to reach millions of users.

To find out more about this superb coupon marketplace, the infographic below provides some fascinating information about its usage and financial figures:

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