How To Provide Seller Central Access to FBA Prep Services

(Updated 4/14/2019)

Whether you work with us or other FBA prep service providers,you may be asked to provide access to your seller central account.Prep companies need access to print FNSKU labels, create FBA shipments,provide box details such as weight,dimension,content and print box labels to complete your work. The reason why most prep and ship companies will ask access to your account is because communicating via email is very time consuming in most cases.This is actually better for sellers since they will not need to email back and forth for simple works such as printing labels,creating shipments,box weight,dimensions and content etc.

Prep companies do not see any details in your account so there is no reason to feel suspicious. So many sellers don't even know about user permissions. So when we tell them we need access to their account,they feel weird about it.They start thinking about how can I trust this company,what if they see my payments,sales,promotions etc. The answer is we do not see anything other than what you let us to see. We only need to have an access to manage your FBA shipments. In some cases we require access to manage entire inventory if clients ask us to create or edit their listings. But other than that we do not need anything else.

Here is step by step how to give user access to prep and ship providers:

  1. Sign into Seller Central

  2. Click on settings (top right)

  3. Click on User Permission

  4. Type in (or your prep service providers email)

  5. Click send invitation

  6. We will accept the invitation

  7. Go back to user permissions and click to edit our permissions.

  8. Allow us to view/edit " Manage inventory / add products " + "Manage Fba shipments"

​* You can also go to Amazon help page to see additional details.

If you need specific services from prep service company or any other person,you may give them different permissions such as pricing,advertising,reports etc. You will see all these option when you edit user permissions.

If you have any questions,please feel free to contact us.

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