How to Increase Conversion For Your Products?

Ecommerce is among the fastest growing market segments. Companies large and small now offer consumers the opportunity to purchase endless products and services online. However, even with this explosion of interest in shopping online, one challenge remains. Converting visitors to ecommerce websites into paying customers. Currently, the average conversion rate is between 1% and 2%. But there are simple steps e-commerce websites can take to improve conversion optimization and increase sales.

Quality Photographs

Clear, high-quality photographs of the product are going to be an enormous factor in ensuring that your product will sell. Having several compelling photos taken from different angles which the customer can zoom in on has been shown to increase sales significantly. If you do not have the means to provide high-quality photographs, consider enlisting some photography services.

If you are starter or on budget, you take a picture with your smartphone and edit images with photoshop or similar software. Since all new smartphones comes with high quality cameras, all you need to have white background curtain (color may depend on the item you will photograph) or any other material. If you don’t know how to edit images, you can find someone on Fiverr to edit your images for $5-10 for 1-3 pictures.

Powerful Product Description

Including clear, easy-to-read, product descriptions that provide customers with the information they need to understand what the product does and how it can help the consumer, is another way to help turn more visitors to your e-commerce website into paying customers. Offering both a short, clear, concise product description which conveys the essence of the product, as well as a more extended version visitors can click on if they want more technical detail and answers to questions they may have, leads to more sales.

Product Videos

While photos help increase sales, adding videos of the product in use supercharges sales. It lets potential customers see how easy it is to use the product, what it looks like in use and how to use it. Short of touching and handling the product, nothing motivates customers to buy like product video.

Most third party sellers on Amazon or other marketplaces are unable to upload videos but this should not stop you creating your videos. It helps you with brand awareness and also brings traffic to you listings for free.

Free Shipping Helps

Research has shown that offering online shoppers free shipping increases conversion rates on e-commerce websites. About half of the companies selling products online offer free shipping. Some require consumers spend at least $25 or $50 to get shipping for free. One study showed that getting free shipping was a major determining factor in the buying decision of more than 90% of respondents. Many consumers say high shipping costs is a top reason they prefer shopping at brick and mortar stores than online. About half of people who shop online cancel purchases when they are charged shipping costs.

Ecommerce Sales Funnels

Sales funnels are a series of steps used to convert targeted consumers into paying customers. Ecommerce sales funnels for customers help online companies identify consumers interested in their products and services. They use search engine optimization, online and print advertising, comparison shopping engines, marketplaces, social media, blogs and more to drive consumers to the websites.

The e-commerce sites engage the visitors and turn them into prospects using attractive site design, compelling content, good navigation, fast load times, security and trust, merchandising, wish lists, innovative landing pages, as well as contact and signup points. These sales funnels convert prospects to shoppers by employing chat and phone support, newsletters, social media postings, remarketing ad campaigns, FAQs, site promotions, endless sales and specials and a ‘sales’ section on the website.

Special Online Shopping Carts

Some online customers are unable to complete the buying process because they become distracted or are called away. Technologies like the persistent shopping cart and “Save The Cart” let the products the shopper chose to remain in the shopping cart for as long as a week and be retrieved when reminded of later – usually through a clever, and well-done email.

Clearly Displayed Contact Information

Online consumers often have questions about delivery dates, returns, and product quality. They also have uncertainties, doubts, and objections. Addressing those uncertainties and concerns on product pages and openly displaying your company’s security guarantee and contact information and encouraging visitors to contact the company directly to have their questions answered can help create trust and increase sales.

Simplify And Shorten Forms

When customers are ready to check out and pay for their purchases, having to fill out long, complicated forms will make many of them cancel their sales. Simplifying the payment process by only requesting the information that’s necessary and making registration a breeze will increase sales conversions.

Product Reviews

A majority of online shoppers check product reviews before making a purchase. Gathering and showcasing product reviews on your ecommerce site is a simple way to increase the number of visitors to your site that will be converted into buyers.

Clear Calls To Action

Making sure the user experience and check-out is smooth, fast and easy is another way to increase sales. The buttons for “add to cart” and “checkout” should be big, bold and easy to find. If not, you run the risk of frustrating the customer.

Conclusion: If you have a good product that you believe it will sell, make sure to have great images plus videos if you can afford. Not only white background product images but also have at least 2 life style images so people can visualize them. Don’t have a short or too long description. This may depend on the product but you should point out why yours is different than others. Customers should have easy check out process with accessible call to action buttons.

Good luck!

About the author

Serkan has been in the e-commerce and warehousing industry for over a decade. He provides unique and innovative 3PL services for ecommerce businesses. He is focussing on providing a comprehensive solution that helps his clients grow and succeed, more specifically helping FBA sellers improve their productivity and expanding other sales channels.